A holiday on the Riviera for every taste!

Families with children, couples, groups of friends or children: Cattolica is the ideal city for all of you! You can visit the Port, the square with the dancing fountains, the Museum of the Queen, the weekly market and finally the Aquarium of Cattolica for a dip, both large and small, in the beauty and colors of nature in the marine park hosted more evocative of the Riviera .

Divertimento in famiglia

Family with children

You have children and do not know where to take them? Here is a solution for you!

In addition to the many beaches that offer every comfort, you can spend a day visiting different parks Aquafan and overseas to experience something unique.

Not far there is Fiabilandia for children and Wonderland for adults and children, both theme parks for excellence that will make you discover all the fun games and exciting Riviera.

Italy in Miniature is also suitable for visitors of all ages, combining culture, education, excitement and fun.

Per le coppie

For Couples and Families

If instead you are a couple or a family, you can choose to visit some of the small towns near Cattolica.

Very impressive is the medieval Gradara with its splendid castle and village that became the setting for the love story of Paolo and Francesca.

If you love fairies and witches do not forget to visit San Giovanni in Marignano at the "Festival of witches" in June.

San Leo in the province of Rimini is the ideal place for a trip out of you as our hinterland. A must see is the fortress, famous for holding the alchemist Cagliostro, the pre-Romanesque Pieve and the Museum of Sacred Art.

A few kilometers away is the Republic of San Marino is known for its wonderful view over the valley of Montefeltro and the picturesque villages.

Con gli amici

For Friends and Boys

Riviera's fun

Young people and groups of friends choose the Riviera to the sea ... but also for fun! For this you can enjoy a night of light and color at the premises on the beach in Cattolica, Riccione and Rimini and at the most famous discos Cocoricò, Peter Pan, Villa delle Rose.

For lovers of cycling

If you like sports, do not forget to visit us during the Moto GP races at the circuit of Santa Monica to live with runners the exciting races in the track's most famous Italian. The San Bartolo is another stage of the coast framed by the hills and the sea, it offers a breathtaking panorama and the opportunity to spend a day outdoors. It is the ideal place for lovers of cycling or long walks and outings to fully immerse yourself in the colors of nature. We have listed only some of the most beautiful places or activities to do in our region. But the Romagna is not just that ... fun to discover many more!

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